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About Us

Crypto investors, fans, and traders must keep up with what is happening in the cryptocurrency market nearly in real-time as it continues to grow. The most reliable way is to stay up with the cryptocurrency's latest news.

Newsfeedcrypto is a cryptocurrency news aggregator and portfolio tracker software for traders and cryptocurrency fans. The platform forecast price and market impact with comprehensive coverage of blockchain trends, cryptocurrency price research, unique crypto project reviews. It's a user-friendly real-time cryptocurrency news website.

When it comes to news sources, it only uses reliable news sources for its news feed, which allows readers to immerse themselves in the crypto world comfortably.

This innovative new aggregator aggregates all of t he latest crypto news worldwide and allows you to create a personalised news feed with the topics that interest you the most. We aim to create the most valuable digital platform for everyone interested in investing in crypto.

With us, you can,
  1. Stay updated with all the latest happenings of the crypto and blockchain industry.
  2. Users can track cryptocurrency prices.
  3. You can easily monitor the profitability of coins in which you have invested.